My name is Ciara Bomford.  I’ve been a Careers Adviser for about fifteen years, working with young people, adults, students, people facing redundancy, people in employment and those returning to work.  It’s a fascinating job, and it’s always a privilege to be allowed into someone’s world, to help them make the best decisions they can.

I trained at University of East London and also did a Masters in Careers.  I’m also a member of the Institute of Career Guidance.

Lately, I’ve been spending more time training other careers advisers – I’m really interested in how using new approaches (Motivational Interviewing, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Planned Happenstance and Narrative) can help to make career guidance a more powerful and exciting experience.


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  1. Posted by Adele Griffiths on July 21, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Hi Ciara,

    This looks really interesting, good luck with your blogging venture – you’ll be tweeting at us next!

    I get involved quite often in my new role with career advise (having received no formal training for such a role)
    and would really like to have a lengthy talk to you about it. In particular motivational interviewing and NLP – I have a specific case which I think you could really help me with and I would be happy to feedback to you about it as I think I am going to have long term input into the individual in question.



  2. Posted by Rosie on July 25, 2010 at 8:19 am

    Dear Ciara,

    I work in the Public Sector as do a lot of my friends. In the current climate the talk of cuts has made us all very nervous and therefore reluctant to try and put in place plans that might open us to higher risks of being made redundant dispite obvious benefits. For example, taking part-time secondments at higher grades when there is a risk that the substantive post may vanish if it stops being done. Or trialing a part-time role to fit with child-care arrangements when the option to come back full-time if the money doesn’t stretch that far will vanish.

    What are your thoughts and advise about how to make these decisions?



  3. Rosie,

    That is an interesting question and one that is worrying a lot of people at the moment – I’ve put some thoughts on this subject into my latest post,

    Good luck with whatever you and your friends decide!



  4. I think this is a great blog Ciara. It’s really informative and would do wonders for anyone out there who’s interested in careers as a client or a practitioner. I hope you have lots of fun writing more articles. I think I’m now following you – let us know on linkedin when you’ve posted a new bit of writing. Planned happenstance also interests me as I think whilst there is still a place (somewhere) for traditional career guidance methods, we as careers advisers need to start thinking about other theories.

    all the best


  5. Hi Ciara
    I’ve stumbled across your blog via various linkedin connections. I don’t know if you remember be spending a weeks work experience with you at Southwark before deciding to do my QCG, and then a few weeks placement with you just before you started your maternity leave? You single-handedly inspired me to join the world of Careers Advice, such was your competence and professionalism. I thank you for that. I’m still here, nearly 10 years later, and about to leave FE and go independent. Your blog is great. I will continue to read with interest.
    Best wishes,
    Hannah Morton-Hedges


  6. Hi Hannah,

    Yes, I certainly do remember you, and I am really glad to hear that things worked out well for you and you are still in the world of careers. I do wish you the best of luck with going independent. We live in “interesting” times, and I am sure you will be making the best of them!

    I’ve been rather lazy about posting on this blog lately, and you have inspired me to pay it a bit more attention, so thank-you!


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